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Are you a still a spreadsheet user?
It's the 21st century and you're still using spreadsheets? Spreadsheets are a thing of the past; our CRM software is the future.

Our main focus is landscaping.
We have landscaping software for all those landscapers out there. It's user-friendly and easy-to-use. And it comes in modules, so you only pay for what you need.

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With BusinessCore, you get all the tools you need to run a small business!

3 Levels
BusinessCore has 3 levels: Standard, Advanced, and Premium. You'll get what you need depending on the size of your business.

Standard - Advanced - Premium
Customers - Store all of your customers in one quick record viewer and even relate them to Purchases, Invoices, Support, and Files. In Advanced and Premium, you can even assign an account manager.
Products - Use products to track your product and service offerings. With relationships, you can relate these to Purchases and Files.
Purchases - Track which Customers bought which Products with Purchases.
Invoices - Invoices can be related to Customers so you know what customers owe you. Add Line Items to these invoices to get a total overall cost.
Reports - Use our pre-built reports to get a quick overhead view of everything you have, from customers to products to purchases and more.
Support - With Support, you can easily keep track of customer service requests. Including a ticket numbering system for quick reference to a particular ticket.
Staff - Manage all your staff in one place. Assign your staff as account managers, give them tasks to accomplish (Premium only), or assign them support tickets.
Files - With Support, you can easily keep track of customer service requests. Including a ticket numbering system for quick reference to a particular ticket.
Tasks - Want to get stuff done? Create a task and assign it to a staff member. Add a due date, so it gets done on time.
Calendar - Use the task calendar to see what is scheduled to be done on any given day.

The first version of BusinessCore didn't have different levels. Then we decided we needed to have levels. So we came up with Standard, Advanced, and Premium.
The levels of BusinessCore are Standard, Advanced, and Premium. Standard's color is red. Advanced is green. Premium is gold.
TechCore is an internal CRM for HORTUS Tech. With TechCore being mainly for tech companies, we couldn't sell it quite yet. So we turned it into BusinessCore.

Estimates > Measuring Properties
Measuring properties is what makes EasyBid work. This allows you to estimate a job without leaving your office, which will allow you to estimate even more. Please note: we use Google Maps for our measuring system. Therefore, any addresses that are not up to date are not under our control.
  1. Click the + button to create a new Measurement.
  2. Above the map, you can:
    • Designate your drawing (select from the list or type your own)
    • Change the color of drawings
    • Change the icon of markers
  3. On the top left, inside the map, is a row of 5 icons. Here you can select a drawing tool. The options are:
    • Blank (used for moving around)
    • Marker (only captures a count of items, good for counting trees, shrubs, etc.)
    • Rectangle (only draws in a rectangle)
    • Circle (only draws in a circle)
    • Polygon (can be used to draw any shape)
  4. On the bottom, inside the map, are 4 buttons. These are:
    • Save (saves the current drawings)
    • Cancel (cancels all unsaved drawings)
    • Reset (deletes the saved drawings and cancels all unsaved drawings)
    • Convert (only appears after drawings have been saved; converts Rectangles and Circles to Polygons so they can be adjusted as needed)
  5. All drawings can be edited after saving.
    • You can click and hold to move drawings around.
    • You can also delete an individual drawing by right-clicking on it.
    • You can modify Rectangles, Circles, and Polygons using the white circles on the edges of the drawing.
    • Polygons have an additional circle between each white circle. You can use this to add new points to the polygon.
  6. The Combined Map button shows a map that contains all drawings for this estimate.